Lost Chambers and Aquaventure Water Park

Lost Chambers and Aquaventure Water Park

Surround yourself with sea life in a jaw-dropping walk through the glass tunnels of The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis the Palm. Sharks, stingray, piranhas, lobsters, and the tiniest of seahorses are just some of the creatures you'll come face-to-fin with in this spellbinding underwater world.

Designed around the theme of the Lost City of Atlantis, the underwater tunnels serve as an immersive experience into this lost civilization of ship wrecks and ruins, where you'll encounter the most amazing and colorful collection of underwater life in 10 beautiful chambers.

There are over 20 marine life exhibits in this Dubai aquarium, including a touch tank where you can pick up a starfish or caress a sea cucumber. And if you're curious to know whether a Moray Eel is a snake or fish, or how to tell if a grouper is male or female, then sign up for a Behind The Scenes Tour to join the aquariums animal experts as they reveal the secrets of the deep. Learn firsthand about the fish hospital, the water filtration systems, and other fascinating tips that reveal how to care for more than 65,000 marine animals. Best of all, you'll even have the chance to help feed some of the animals yourself.

Or if you want to experience a true feeding frenzy, head to the breathtaking Ambassador Lagoon and watch professional divers navigate 11 million liters of natural seawater to nourish hundreds of indigenous marine animals from the Arabian Gulf.

Whether you want to see or literally become part of the underwater scene, The Lost Chambers Aquarium promises Atlantean adventure for the whole family.

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